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      Guangxi environmental protection group held a work retreat in 2020: focus on epidemic prevention and control, and return to work and production
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              On novel coronavirus, the leading group of Guangxi environmental protection group held a meeting in the afternoon of February 10th to thoroughly implement the important spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's fight against the new pneumonia and the prevention and control of the outbreak of the new coronavirus. We should fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Autonomous Region Party committee and the government, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control work, and make overall plans for the reform and development. We have made a unified plan and Discussion on the preparations for resumption of work and key work in 2020. The meeting shall be held on site in combination with video conference, and the heads of functional departments of the Department shall attend by video. Huang aiqiong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Guangxi environmental protection group, presided over the meeting.
      At the meeting, members of the leading group of the company exchanged and discussed the project promotion, investment and financing, equity incentive, operational risk prevention and control, compensation management, talent team construction, etc. of the environmental protection group, arranged and arranged the recent key work, and formed a work task list to grasp and implement, laying a good foundation for the completion of the annual task objectives of the environmental protection group.
      Huang aiqiong pointed out in the meeting that since the outbreak, the Party committee of the group has attached great importance to the safety and health of the staff and workers. The company's epidemic prevention and control working group has held meetings for many times to study and deploy the epidemic prevention and control work. The relevant departments perform their respective duties. Each unit has also set up a leading group headed by the party and government leaders. The company has formed a comprehensive mobilization, comprehensive deployment and comprehensive strengthening of the epidemic prevention and control work. The meeting stressed that we should improve our political position, take the prevention and control of epidemic situation as the top priority of our current work, do our best to win the prevention and control of epidemic situation, and promote the smooth operation of enterprises' production and operation.