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      Environmental investment group discipline inspection committee held a special financial inspection and rectification meeting
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      On the afternoon of October 16, Gao Xiang, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of environmental investment group, presided over a special meeting to study and arrange the rectification of problems found in special financial inspection.
              The meeting reported the results of the special financial inspection of environmental investment group, involving four major categories of 10 small problems, including official reception, official vehicles, public funds going abroad (Overseas), non-standard reimbursement and other violations, and put forward specific requirements for the next step of the rectification work: first, all units should attach great importance to the special inspection and rectification work, and hold a meeting to carry out special topics in view of the existing problems Research, establish standing books and lists, define the person in charge, rectification period and rectification measures, and ensure that the rectification task is completed on time and with high quality; secondly, all units should take this rectification as an example, further carry out self inspection and self rectification, carry out strict reform, and prevent risks; thirdly, strengthen the establishment of rules and regulations, and enhance the effectiveness of system implementation; fourthly, financial personnel should strengthen the laws, regulations and rules system Fifth, send discipline inspection supervisors to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the rectification work of each unit to ensure the implementation of the rectification.
      Wang long, director of financial and Financing Department of environmental investment group, all members of discipline inspection and supervision department and financial directors of affiliated units attended the meeting. (Li Yang, discipline inspection and supervision department of Environmental Investment Group)

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