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    Environmental protection people are taking action
        Life is more important than Mount Tai. Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. Recently, the novel coronavirus infection prevention and control work of the Guangxi environmental protection group Party committee has made a specific plan for the units directly under the leadership of the party directly under the leadership of the Party committee. We must resolutely implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's instructions, strengthen the "Four Consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence" and achieve "two maintenances", and take the epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work in line with the unified decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. We should resolutely implement various prevention and control measures, fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and make positive contributions to win the epidemic prevention and control interdiction war.
    1、 Actively propagandize, correctly guide and resolutely put an end to rumor
        In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control work and maintain safety and stability, Guangxi environmental protection group established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control work, with Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and general manager as the group leader, other members of the leading group as the Deputy group leader, and the main principals of each department and the leaders of the party and government of all affiliated units as members. In the form of novel coronavirus, the company's main points of spirit and duty personnel arrangement were conveyed in WeChat form, and the company and departments should be strengthened to publicize infectious disease prevention laws and regulations and knowledge about prevention and control, popularize the knowledge of prevention and control of respiratory infectious diseases such as pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, and release health tips to guide workers to understand and accumulate correctly. Novel coronavirus should be actively coordinated with the scientific participation in epidemic prevention and control, and constantly enhance self-protection awareness. Mobilize and guide all staff and family members to obey the deployment and relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control at all levels, scientifically and rationally understand the epidemic situation, and thoroughly understand the "prevention, cure and control" of the new coronavirus.
    2、 In depth investigation, daily report and joint prevention and treatment
      Guangxi environmental protection group clearly requires all affiliated companies and departments to actively play the role of grass-roots party organizations, increase investigation efforts, make the situation clear and the base number clear, and ensure that no gap or dead space is left. Employees with abnormal body temperature shall be registered and put on record, and medical assistance shall be provided in a timely manner; employees who have direct or indirect contact with personnel in severe epidemic areas such as Wuhan (including those who go to) and other epidemic personnel in the near future shall be registered and investigated strictly, and necessary protective measures shall be taken; personnel with suspected symptoms detected shall be sent to designated medical institutions in a timely manner to firmly block the new type Coronavirus enters the enterprise. All affiliated companies and departments are required to strictly implement the daily information submission of epidemic prevention and control, timely report the epidemic situation to the office of the epidemic prevention and control leading group and the personnel on duty, and report "zero report" if there is no abnormal situation; report the abnormal situation immediately, and no false report, concealment or omission is allowed.

    Three.Unite as one, make concerted efforts, and do a good job in logistics support
       When most people have embarked on the journey home, the employees of the Property Department of the incubation center of Meiju company are still carrying out the work of epidemic prevention. We want to work together to clean and disinfect the incubation center building. After the notice of delayed return to work came down, the logistics support team still did not relax, still disinfected and cleaned every day, and protected the common home of the staff.
    Where the task is dangerous, there is their beautiful figure. As a member of the concealed front who has worked hard for a long time, the logistics team is usually a regular soldier of the whole bank. At the critical moment, they should be the vanguard of the campaign. Their coming forward is not only their duty, but also their perseverance and fearlessness.

    The most beautiful scene: fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control

       Huang Yumei of Guiwu recycling company played a leading role and carried out the deployment of the general Party branch to fight in the front line. Actively promote the implementation of the screening work, purchase electronic thermometers and other detection facilities in major pharmacies, coordinate the temperature detection and registration work of the security personnel in and out of the park, and strictly implement the instructions of the entry and exit personnel wearing masks. Adhere to the work of staff epidemic information investigation and publicity, do a good job of daily staff investigation, timely report to the staff epidemic investigation work, and assist the group to carry out epidemic prevention and control work. Perform duties and responsibilities, cooperate with security personnel to inspect the safety work in the plant area, and ensure that no external personnel enter the plant area at will. Assist all departments to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, take charge of practical work, and give full play to the pioneering and exemplary spirit of Party members.

       In order to ensure the accuracy of financial data and timely preparation of statements and reporting of various data analysis, Comrade Zhou Mingfeng of Guiwu Recycling Co., Ltd. faced with the rampant virus, epidemic prevention is undergoing a huge test on the front line. Every accounting inspection can not be a little sloppy, and every detail can not be omitted. According to the work arrangement, the more holidays are, the heavier our financial work will be. In order to be able to do a good job in financial work during the Spring Festival, we should use the holiday break time to work overtime to deal with various matters and ensure the stability of capital allocation.

    Cai Xuemei, a novel coronavirus, received the notice from the US in January 25th (the first day of the Lunar New Year). The comrades were responsible for the procurement of the epidemic protection products. In the face of the sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, a large number of protective products were purchased at the critical time of epidemic prevention and control, and it was a very difficult and necessary task to complete during the Spring Festival. On January 26 (the second day of the Lunar New Year), the comrade gave up his vacation time and went to many physical stores such as drugstores and supermarkets in person. As long as the door was open, he asked and bought in one room, so as to ensure that masks, disinfectants, thermometers and other protective articles could be used in the property area managed by the company. As the company manages nearly 117 property districts and office buildings, it needs to buy more protective equipment. Finally, with the help of Comrade Deng Fujian of the enterprise development department, more goods are found. The two comrades follow up the situation of protective equipment day and night, and complete most of the purchase of protective equipment at 12:00 p.m. on January 30, and timely give them to the office building and each property District duty personnel and front-line security, cleaning, greening, maintenance electricians are issued for use.

    Huang Xiaoping, the project manager of Guangyun urban property service center, gave up personal holidays during the epidemic prevention and control period and didn't talk about rewards and returned to work. It plays a key role in the organization and development of epidemic control work in the community. Actively cooperate with the company in the implementation of prevention and control materials: masks, thermometers on the way to her; epidemic area personnel on the way to check her; community killing on the line. The way to fight the epidemic is the retrograde figure she left us as a Communist!

    In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in which the epidemic prevention materials are extremely scarce, Comrade Shi Xiongjun of Jinyi testing company has the courage to take on the responsibilities and actively contact the pharmaceutical and medical equipment enterprises and major suppliers of laboratory consumables of the company. Nearly 2000 medical masks have been purchased, including 900 for the materials group and 500 for the environmental protection group. In addition, lead the party members and cadres of the company to timely count the existing epidemic prevention supplies of all employees, and arrange the company's on duty personnel to mail medical masks one by one for the employees who return home for holidays and have not purchased the epidemic prevention supplies, so as to provide basic guarantee for the health and safety of all employees.
    Life is more important than Mount Tai
    Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility
    It's hard for a country to be responsible
    Let's join the country and the people
    Unite as one to overcome difficulties
    Go all out, start with me
    Help win the prevention and control of epidemic situation as soon as possible
    To risk one's life
    Salute the medical workers fighting in the front line
    Pay homage to the police of politics and law who protect the peace against the wind and rain
    To all the people in the front line of epidemic prevention and control
    Salute to the staff of various industries
    The epidemic will pass, and spring will come soon
    Everyone is responsible for fighting the epidemic