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    Guangxi wuchuang building materials Co., Ltd
    Founded in December 2013, Guangxi wuchuang building materials Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, with a registered capital of 28 million yuan. It is subordinate to Guangxi Materials Group Co., Ltd. and mainly engaged in investment and development of non-metallic and non coal mines, sales of building materials, ready mixed commodity concrete, building materials information consultation and technical consultation, import and export trade, and cargo handling services.
    The company is a specialized new building material production enterprise with new building material machine-made sand, dry mixed mortar, heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate as the leading products. By the end of the 13th Five Year Plan period, the company plans to expand the market on the existing basis in five years, form a "one-stop" business model of mining, production, sales and distribution through the development of its own mines, merger and reorganization, replacement of equity acquisition mines, and establish new building materials production such as fine sandstone, lime flux products, dry mixed mortar, construction waste recycling and utilization in the whole region Base, establish the whole area production, sales, distribution service network.
             At present, the company has established Guangxi Dongjiang new building materials Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Hechi state-owned assets investment and Operation Co., Ltd. to jointly invest in the construction of 1.5 million tons of high-quality machine-made sand project, which was put into production in 2015, filling in the gap of new building materials in Hechi City and surrounding areas, realizing the integration of research, development, production, sales and distribution of new building materials such as machine-made sand and dry mixed mortar; and Shangsi county government has reached an annual output of 2.5 million tons of machine-made sand, cosolvent, calcium carbonate and other industrial projects have entered the substantive operation stage, and the project is planned to be put into production by the end of this year.
             In response to the call of the national development of "new, green and environmental protection" building materials industry, the company takes the construction of aggregate production project as an opportunity, adopts domestic and international first-class new concepts, new technologies, new processes and new standards, and jointly creates a new, environmental, energy-saving and efficient aggregate production demonstration base in Guangxi from all aspects of capital, talent, technology, management, etc. In terms of industrial chain integration, with the help of the advantages of civil explosive business chain extension, the upstream promotes the group civil explosive company's "integration of blasting services" to extend to the downstream mine business, becoming the business chain extension of civil explosive to strengthen cost control. By taking advantage of the first-class blasting qualification of Guiwu civil explosive company, it can obtain the priority supply of explosives when mining is restricted by policies, so as to ensure the raw materials Supply capacity. With the help of the group's logistics resources, the downstream of the industry constructs sales outlets, strengthens the construction of distribution network, optimizes the logistics transportation scheme, and reduces the logistics cost, so that the company finally establishes new building materials production bases such as fine sand and stone in the whole region.

    Address: Longgang Avenue, Yongning District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region18 / F, Guangxi modern logistics industry incubation center, 21
    Postal Code:Five hundred and thirty thousand and two hundred