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    Guangxi Nanning Meiju Property Service Co., Ltd
    Guangxi Nanning Meiju Property Service Co., Ltd., established in September 2006, is a state-owned professional property company invested and established by Guangxi Materials Group Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 3 million yuan, with grade II property management qualification, and it is a member of Nanning property management industry association. At present, there are more than 100 employees, and the properties under management include office buildings, commercial and residential complexes, residences, shops, warehouses, markets, etc., with a management area of more than 3 million square meters.
    Management innovation
            Meiju property adheres to the tenet of "satisfaction in Meiju", relies on excellent management team and efficient operation mechanism, and comprehensively implements the personalized service mode, ensuring the normal operation of facilities and equipment in the management area and the normal and orderly community life order, so as to maintain and increase the value of the property, improve the quality of property management service, and improve the satisfaction of the owners, so as to create a Safe, beautiful and comfortable living environment!
    Professional management team
    Meiju property adheres to the practice of absorbing talents from outside and training personnel from inside. On the one hand, it constantly absorbs talents with high education background and high quality to enrich the management; on the other hand, it establishes a perfect training mechanism, actively encourages employees to participate in all kinds of professional knowledge training, and cultivates a group of professional talents with strong business ability. Up to now, the company has more than 100 employees, most of whom have obtained the education background of middle school, junior college or above, and the professional and technical titles and professional qualifications at the beginning and middle level; the relevant management personnel have obtained the property manager's work license and property manager's qualification certificate; the personnel at each post have the certificate according to the regulations.
    Good service concept
           Meiju property always adheres to the tenet of "satisfaction in Meiju", the principle of "people-oriented, honest service", and the concept of "owner first, service first". While summarizing the experience of management and service, Meiju continues to tap the needs of customers and owners, seize the key points and details of each service link, and strive to create greater property value and more for customers and owners Good life experience.
    Diversification of business
    After several years of hard work, Meiju property has actively developed various business projects such as asset leasing, real estate intermediary, information consultation, housekeeping, agent purchase, etc., focusing on property management, which not only ensures the steady development of its main business, but also realizes the double harvest of social and economic benefits!
    Meiju company has been rated as the advanced unit of Guangxi Materials Group Co., Ltd. for many times, Guangyun · dujingyuan community under its jurisdiction has been rated as the advanced unit of Guangxi Materials Group Co., Ltd., the advanced unit of safety production, the civilized unit of XiXiangTang District, the unit of price integrity, etc. for many years in a row.
    Project introduction
    1、 Guangxi modern logistics industry incubation center
    The project is located at No.21 Longgang Avenue, Wuxiang New District, Nanning city. It is a modern multi-functional comprehensive office base integrating office, business and apartment. The total land area of the project is 14881.34 square meters, with a total construction area of 111087.18 square meters, including a 27 story office building with a construction area of 44335.85 square meters, a 17 story loft apartment with a construction area of 22039.48 square meters, a five story commercial podium with a construction area of 7404.37 square meters, and a three story basement with a construction area of 37307.48 square meters. There are 813 parking spaces for motor vehicles (including 10 on the ground and 798 underground), 1220 parking spaces for non motor vehicles (including 720 on the ground and 500 underground), and the green space rate is 25.19%. We regard Guangxi modern logistics industry incubation center as an important breakthrough to enhance the company's overall image and build Meiju service brand, establish and improve various management systems and work processes, establish a set of scientific and standardized management system and mode, and realize institutionalized, standardized and standardized management.
    2、 Jingyuan community, Guangyun City
    The project is located at No. 1, Hengyang West Road, Nanning City, which is a commercial and residential community. There are 5 high-rise buildings with a total construction area of 100000 square meters, including 610 sets of residential buildings, 44 shops and one five story shopping mall. Our high-quality property service has been recognized by Suning Electric, China Mobile Nanning West District branch and the majority of owners. Since taking over in November 2007, the annual customer satisfaction has reached more than 95%, and the property charge rate is more than 96%.
    2、 Wood processing market of 102 warehouse in Litang Town, Binyang County
    Located in the East District of Litang Town, Binyang County, with a total construction area of 260000 square meters, it has played a positive role in stabilizing tenants and prospering the market for the storage and wood processing wholesale market with good public security management and high-quality services.
    3、 Xinlan Yaju staff building of Guangxi material school
    Located in No. 75, Daling Road, Guangxi material science school, it is a 31 story high-rise residential building with a building area of 40000 square meters and 300 households. It was taken over in July 2015. Our standard and efficient service has won the trust and support of the owners.
    4、 Family area of employees in state owned enterprises
    We firmly adhered to the policy of "three supplies and one industry" separation and transfer, and signed property separation and transfer agreements with more than a dozen central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in the autonomous region. There are more than 100 family areas under management, with a management area of more than 3 million square meters.