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    Guangxi Jinyi Testing Technology Co., Ltd
    Guangxi Jinyi Testing Technology Co., Ltd., a large-scale state-owned enterprise directly under the government of Guangxi Autonomous Region, is a third-party impartial testing organization with independent legal person, which was registered and established in Nanning Administration for Industry and Commerce in July 2014. In October 2015, it successfully passed the examination and certification of Guangxi quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and obtained the CMA certificate of qualification measurement certification. The company has standardized laboratories, professional technical teams, high-end instruments and equipment, and strictly implements management in accordance with the general requirements for qualification evaluation, inspection and testing institutions of inspection and testing institutions, The scope of detection technology service covers many fields. With accurate, efficient and professional detection capabilities, it provides one-stop detection services for customers in many fields, and contributes to strengthening and optimizing state-owned enterprises and better serving the society.