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    Guangxi Environmental Protection Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the vice president unit of Guangxi environmental protection association and the president unit of Guangxi material recycling industry association. Guiwu Jinan and Guiwu civil explosive are two national high-tech enterprises. Guiwu energy company (formerly Huasheng energy company) has won the national science and Technology Progress Award and holds the only qualification and license for waste electrical and electronic products treatment in Guangxi The company's scrapped vehicle and vessel dismantling qualification, Guangxi's first class I commercial blasting qualification, mine engineering construction general contracting grade III qualification, construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contracting grade I qualification, special equipment design (pressure pipeline) qualification, urban and rural planning preparation, architectural engineering design, municipal engineering design, landscape engineering design, engineering consulting, construction drawing review and engineering supervision It has eight Class-A qualifications such as science and technology, energy-saving engineering design and multi industry qualification.