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      BUSINESS "Seed" industry
      "Seed" industry
      Urban and rural sanitation:With the help of emerging business models such as sanitation PPP, we actively undertake municipal sanitation marketization and rural environmental sanitation construction projects, build a "big sanitation" system of urban and rural garbage collection and transportation, garbage classification, road cleaning and landscape maintenance, and actively participate in the top-level design of "waste free city" and infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance.
      Energy saving services:Promote contract energy management, innovate business model, improve energy-saving service technology system, and build a comprehensive energy-saving service provider integrating R & D, design, consultation, construction, trusteeship, operation and recycling.
      Green mine:Relying on the mining resources and market foundation, we will build a green mining pilot project, build a business system integrating production, supply, transportation and marketing, and accelerate the expansion to new areas such as the recycling of urban building materials.
      Development of Environmental Protection Industrial Park:Carry out the construction of recycling industrial park, environmental protection industrial park, environmental protection characteristic town, industrial park environmental protection comprehensive service center, etc., and focus on promoting China ASEAN international advanced environmental protection technology promotion and application demonstration base, Guangxi environmental protection industry incubation center and other projects.
      Environmental protection equipment manufacturing: In water environment treatment, river basin treatment, government PPP project, town level sewage treatment facilities and pipe network construction, defect elimination, standard raising and transformation, we have customized high-quality pipeline and water service valve series products, strengthened business cooperation, and developed into water service pipeline equipment suppliers and service providers.